OMG! After-Effects are driving me crazy!

First time poster here.
I purchased my first aneros (helix syn) about a week ago and have been using it every day since, sometimes several times a day. While each and every session was pleasurable in and of itself, i started feeling the most intense pleasure after a couple of sessions. I don’t know if i have reached the Super-O yet but i have definitely experienced what i think are dry orgasms that generally last a few seconds but never over a minute (yet).

However, i discovered that i am getting the most pleasure after my sessions (the same day and the day after). I feel my prostate throbbing and a tingly feeling runs all over my body (especially when sitting down). If i concentrate and do some light contractions the feeling gets so intense to the point where i start to shiver. I have never felt anything like this before. It’s as if the my prostate has been awakened by the aneros and it is now inducing pleasure uncontrollably and on it’s own. It’s kind of addicting and sometimes makes me completely unproductive for hours (i’m supposed to be studying today but haven’t been able to since my session this morning). I think i am actually enjoying these after effects more than the sessions themselves.

Does anyone have similar experiences? How do you manage to get on with your day when you’re unwillingly being pleasured by your prostate all the time ? i mean i could force myself to concentrate on something else but it’s seems harder than just letting go and enjoying it.
I also have to mention that i am a weed smoker and have done some of my best sessions (but not all of em) while high. The after-effects, however happen regardless of being high or not, even though they get stronger on weed.

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  1. I’m new to this myself and have felt after effects also but not as strong. I would suggest not using it as much let yourself calm down for a while then maybe go back after it.

  2. These after effects are completely normal and will subside over time as your body gets used to the new stimulation you are giving it. You will also learn to control them better so that you can enjoy them when you want to and ignore/dismiss them when its not appropriate.

    I do think you might be overusing aneros a bit. As with anything it can become addictive if you are prone to addictive behaviors. I would take a day or two off and maybe also go ahead and have a traditional orgasms through old school masturbation (or sex if available).

  3. Wow! You should make this into a review. Makes me want to go out and get one pronto!!

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