Eupho With A “Twist”

I never expected to be blogging this ride! But there were several "new" elements in it that are worth noting……

This ride began with the Eupho and I wasn't expecting a whole lot to report. I have had some great Super-Os with it. I lubed-up and began the ride…..

For some reason, I started this session out as a "do-nothing" session. However, as in past sessions, I got almost an immediate erection and a couple of powerful abdominal contractions. I felt that my prostate "wants to play"! So I decided to do about three very strong contractions and "hold" them for about 30 seconds each. WOW! I must have "started the engine" since from that point on, the Eupho was on 'AutoFuck' mode! It wasn't 15 minutes into this ride that I experienced a moderate "whole-body" orgasm. Considerable moaning (somewhat muffled) and some shaking and twisting on the bed. This was followed not too long after by a "half-strength" O. After that, it seemed that although I felt the P-waves, there were no more Os in the "wings".

For some reason (don't ask me why) I got the "urge" to try a new position with this Eupho ride. I went up on the bed on all "fours" doggy-style with my cock and balls suspended beneath me. The auto-contractions were continuing, although somewhat lighter than before. I don't know why, but I began to "thrust" in the bed in this position and I felt more of a "tickle" on the prostate. I experimented with this position and began to roll my hips in a rhythmic fashion. When I did this a certain way, I felt a more distinct "tickle" on the prostate. It felt good! I kept this up for a while (with my eyes closed) and then got a very stimulating sensation:

I was being penetrated from the rear by……another guy!

Now I am "straight" as an arrow but there was something about this feeling that made me feel just a little "naughty". I closed my eyes and "imagined" his cock in me, and reaching my prostate…….Ooooh!

I continued to do the pelvic thrusts and rotations and felt the wonderful "tickling" sensation continue all over my prostate. As I moved around, the "tickle" moved as well. I don't know how long this part lasted but it was a while. I realized, however, that there were not going to be any more Os from this ride and decided to end it.


I hadn't gone "off" in a few days (I was getting really horny towards my wife today) and decided to "come" using some new silicone anal beads that I just got. What a great feeling! I had an especially large amount of cum from this ejaculation. I felt greatly relieved, cleaned-up and went back to bed.



I woke up a few hours later with (you guessed it!) another hard erection that was starting to hurt. I didn't think I had any more cum in me. However, I got the urge to do a 'quick' Peridise (Small) session. I quickly lubed-up with Slippery Stuff Gel (which I like for Peridise), slid it in and was on my way. I continued the ride for about 30 minutes or so. As is typical with the Peridise, I was beginning to "freak-out" with anal pleasure! Somehow, I found myself embedded in yet another "hot" fantasy! I'll call this one:


Here goes and the memory is still very vivid…….

It was a hot and steamy summer evening and I decided to change into something cool and head out to the drive-in with a new chick I recently met at a bar. She was a looker! I called her and asked her if she wanted to go to the drive-in with me. Sure, she said. But she had a request of me that left me a little puzzled. She wanted me not to wear any underwear (!) and to wear some "loose" shorts (!!). I thought this was a strange request from a first date to say the least! I was intrigued by her request. Anyway, I found a pair of very loose and baggy nylon shorts, put them on (without any underwear) and a nice T. Actually, they felt pretty good with the heat.

I went over to her apartment to pick her up and she looked fabulous (what a turn-on!) We headed to the movie.


During the film (it was very dark outside) she began to get closer to me and I wouldn't mind the closeness at all. She put her hand on my nylon shorts near my cock and her other hand "cupped" my balls. Ohhh my! I felt like I was in heaven! But the next thing I remember is that she was putting her right hand beneath my shorts and moving it in towards my "rear". Wow! I though, this chick is a little "forward" but okay! I squirmed up a little on the seat and felt "something" wonderful going on in my anus (I thought it was her finger) but before I know it, she had "pushed" something all the way in to the bottom! (She must have had it pre-lubricated in her bag so it was ready-to-go!).

OMG! The feelings from my rear end were just too much and I quickly lost track of the movie! I must have drifted off into a sexual 'dreamland' because the next thing I remember is her finger reaching back toward my anus and 'picking-up' some of the very slippery lube and working it up on the head of my penis (which by now was rock-hard and already was wet with precum). Then she had her thumb and index finger in a tight "O" and had them around my glans. Ooooh! She began lightly pulling it! It didn't slip out of her fingers at all and she just kept up the pulling 'pressure' on the penis. She took her other hand and began lightly caressing my scrotum.

OMG! She must know what she is doing because I feel my erection building up to the point of no return! She continued to increase the frequency of these "pulls" until I couldn't take it any longer (she must have sensed it too). I think I started to moan and shake a little. I felt myself "come" hard right there in my shorts! It felt like a good amount of cum. But since the light was very dim, I could only feel the wetness inside my pants. She was well-prepared and had some soft tissues inside her bag and gave them to me. I wiped myself off, closed my eyes and leaning over, gave her a most affectionate "thank-you" kiss! She told me that anytime you feel like you "need" her, just call her!

OMG! Can I take this again?…….You bet!

PS I don't remember the name of the movie!