I need help progressing

Hey guys. I’ve been using the Helix Syn for about a month, at first it just felt nice, nothing special. Made jacking off more fun. But now I’m looking to have a super-O. After having no results, I started listening to binaural beats and using the do nothing method, I got some buzzing from my prostate, it always builds up and I start having involuntary contractions, but it never goes anywhere. How to I proceed from here? What do I do differently? I can tell I’m getting close to the super-O and I want it so bad!

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  1. Just relax.

    Concentrate on what you are feeling, and try to ignore everything else.

    Breath deeply, but don’t hold your breath. It really is a form of meditation.

    I’ve found that by playing nature sounds, wearing a blindfold, and firmly squeezing a gel stress ball in each hand, I can reach the super-O in about 10 to 20 minutes.

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