Is there a difference between prostate milking and prostate orgasm?

I posted this on sex forums and a guy pointed me here. I tried to find my case in this aneros section but did not find anything explainatory to me so far. Here is my “problem”:

I am getting so confused. Nowhere on the internet can I find some clear description of what is going on.
I recently got into this amazing thing but people are talking about multiple muscle crushing orgasms that blew their heads off and I had a great time (If I was learning french during every prostate massage I could probably write this post in french sonet by now) but for me it is like this:
Feeling nothing. Doing kegel’s to start feeling aroused. Eventually I get to the point where burning sensation in my penis builds up and from there it gets great. I feel the feeling of “close before typical orgasm” in waves. It comes and goes back, comes and goes back again. Each wave stronger until I get to massive fluid discharge that feels really good.


I heard the audio that guy posted on reddit (prostate orgasm challenge something) where he gets orgasm in first few minutes and he is moaning so hard and gets plenty of these orgasms in a session of roughly 25 minutes. Is he having different kind of prostate orgasm? Maybe I am doing prostate milking which maybe is not the cannot-stand-up-after prostate orgasm that people describe?

Once again the process is great but after the fluid discharge I feel like I have to go another hour again. Another possibility is that I am not hitting my prostate directly? I have prostate massager that vibrates and the vibrations are actually doing the stimulation I believe. When I feel like it is not moving anywhere I just clench few times and feel urge to pee again which arouses me and I can catch that wave from there. But what if I am doing something else and missing the real orgasm that will make me shake like fish on dirt in my bed?


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  1. i’m sympathetic with “feeling nothing” and envious of how quick some people can orgasm. but the thing about orgasms, from the stuff i’ve read, is that they can start from anywhere. from the nose to the fingertips to the prostate. any focal point can yield some intense and pleasurable experiences.

    you’ve probably read about the whole “do nothing” mantra from the Aneros forums, which is frustrating because it’s hard (for me atleast) to give up control. but the few times i’ve lost it is when the ego shattering whole body orgasms actually happen. someone told me to “keep circling the drain” when you feel something, if that makes sense.

    hope i could help.

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