“A Self-Challenge: No Aneros For A Week”

I decided that I will "challenge" myself with NO Aneros sessions for the next week! This will include Peridise and any other anal 'toys'. I will be out of state for a few days and will not be able to participate in any "sessions" while away. So I am "weaning" myself off for the next few days and expect to resume early next week. I just hope I can make it!

What I am thinking is that there may be some intrinsic benefits to this "abstinence":

–give the prostate a "rest" as it has been working overtime lately!

–allow for a stronger prostate orgasm including a Super-O (I'll find this out next week!)

–give me a chance to really try some Aless to see if I can "start the engine"

–discover if there is any change in my erections/ejaculations, either for the better or worse

–see if I will get more 'horny' or less (I presume it will be less but I'll find out in the next few days!)

Wish me luck!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/a-self-challenge-no-aneros-for-a-week/