Repositioning for Success

I’ve been an Aneros user for about six months and made good progress after the first couple of weeks. I’m in my 50’s, professional, active, divorced, went through a stint of online dating where I slept with a lot of very horny, willing women (I thought that only happened to younger men) before settling down with one girlfriend. Anyway, about three weeks in (a dozen sessions or so) I progressively reached the Super-O plateau. Sometimes it’s intense, lasting for a few minutes. Other times it’s less so. Sometimes I get nothing.

It depends on how much time I have and how focused I am. There seem to be a lot of variables. Mood, stress, a lot on the mind, horniness, etc.

Lately it’s been almost impossible to reach the Super-O plateau and I thought about calling it quits after nothing for six sessions. I figured I’d grown out of it. Or gotten too old.

Was I in for a surprise.

My last time I settled in for a two hour session to really work on it. I have an MGX (my favorite), a Progasm Jr. and a Eupho Syn. I use Shea Butter Oil with a personal lube launcher with a coat of vaseline on the Aneros, except for the Eupho, which is silicon. I started on my side, then my back watching some porn, in a dark room with a fan running. A little twitch here and there, but nothing else.

So I decided to change positions. I’d never tried laying on my stomach (never thought of it) and figured, heck, what do I have to lose. I inserted the MGX and almost immediately I started to get the roller coaster downhill feeling, it became more and more intense, my anal muscles started clenching and pulsing, pushing the Aneros, in and from side to side, and from very deep inside I felt the unmistakable feeling of the beginnings of a Super-O. I relaxed and just let it happen. OMG.

For the next half hour I rode wave after wave of orgasmic ecstasy. Without thinking, my body took control. The feeling never died out completely until I took a break. It was like being on an ocean with gently rolling waves. I’d loosen my anal muscles and try to relax, but my body wanted more and just kept going. After a while I found I could control achieving the plateau by tightening different anal muscles. It was an incredible, half hour of bliss like I’ve never experienced and never thought possible.

If you haven’t tried laying on your stomach, try it. Everyone is different and what works for one person may not work for another. If you’re stuck in a rut and can’t reach the plateau, or reach it again, keep at it. If you’re new to the Aneros and haven’t reached the Super-O, let your body “re-wire” and try different things.

The whole Aneros mystique is fascinating. Who would have thought that such male pleasure was possible? Just when I thought I’d burned out, a new dimension opened by just changing positions.


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  1. When you say, “focused”, what do you mean? Also, do you adhere to the do-nothing method and let your body do all the involuntary contracting, or do you hold a mild contraction throughout your session?

    I’ve been using a few aneros models for the better part of a year and have experienced a few build-ups, but no super o yet.

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