Will pressing your prostate too hard damage it?

If the typical prostate toy is inside as much as is allowed, will it be pressing too hard?
Asking because I never had prostate orgasm before (Probably something I am doing wrong). And recently I tried a new position where the toy is really deep inside. And it pushed really hard somewhere and i felt a way different feeling (Somewhere in my dick and all around?!)
Just to be caution in case I damage my prostate, I would want to seek advice

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  1. You should be careful with it as it is a sensitive organ. If you press too hard on it too soon, then you may hurt it. It’s best to start by tracing around it, and giving it some light massage. You will be able to use more pressure on it once it warms up more (and once you become more experienced with it,) but the most important thing I’ve found with a prostate orgasm is to relax, and focus on the sensations you are feeling.

  2. Definitely go slow and pay attention to what your body is telling you. If it hurts, STOP!

    If you get after of too aggressively you can actually set yourself up for a case of prostatitus (ask me how I know!), which can be a little embarrassing since it requires a doctor putting a finger up you and some antibiotics to fix.

    Also, in my case, as few terrifying moments when you *really* have to pee . . . but just . . . can’t. At all.

    I doubt it’s super common, but it is something to be aware of.

    I think that in general, if you think of a prostate orgasm as more of a “feminine” orgasm . . . meaning you have to be relaxed, go slow, be in the mood, take your time, be well lubricated, etc, you’ll probably keep yourself out of most kinds of trouble though.

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