1. Take a dump an hour beforehand, clean up real well in the shower, and then try inserting a finger to kinda get relaxed.

    I lay down towels on the floor and put my head on a pillow. I also roll of a towel and put it under my hips with the Helix handle is too long and touches the floor. I also like watching high quality (X Art, homemade) porn beforehand to get real horny.

    Head over to /r/gonewildaudio and sort by top/year. That highest rated one is AWESOME.

    Don’t be afraid to play with your nipples – it actually feels really good, surprisingly. Don’t touch your cock at any point before/during/after, and don’t use your thighs to rub against it although it’ll feel fantastic.

    My position is laying on my back. I also find that raising my legs up to a 90ยบ angle really hits the spot. I feel practically nothing when laying on my side, IDK how people do that.

  2. Like /u/fapppmaster said, be sure to empty your bowls at least an hour ahead of time. Get in the shower and clean up real good. I like to lay totally naked on the bed on my back after my shower and lightly run my hands and fingertips all over myself, avoiding my penis. It’s kinda like teasing myself. Might sound silly, gay, whatever – that’s just my method. I recently started devoting some time for nipple play also. Rubbing, pinching….feels good. Teasing my asshole with a saliva-coated fingertip. I really try to relax and work myself up at the same time. Insert my Helix, relax, look at some sexy action on my phone to get more aroused. I think I’ve found my best position to be on my back. Sometimes I’ll arch my back slightly to adjust the angle. I also enjoy bringing my knees up toward my chest, clinching up to draw the Helix all the way into my ass, and holding the clinch while putting my legs back down onto the bed. This adds pressure inside and feels great. These are just my ways of doing it. I hope you have a great time in your upcoming session!

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