Aneros session for April 1, 2016

Hi guys,

I really wanted an Aneros session today since my session on early Wednesday morning, March 30 went so well. Please remember that I hadn't a session since New Years Day almost three months ago. Wednesday's session unlocked all the good Aneros feelings which regaled me so much previously.

But first I had to run a couple errands this morning. I had my session early this afternoon.

I used the same lineup of models as I did on Wednesday. The four models delivered a prostate and anal massage in auto-fuck. It was uncanny.

I had to take intermissions between Tempo and Progasm because I was becoming fatigued.

In the hours since session which concluded about 2:30 p.m., I had to relax and savor my Aless.

I hope to round the week with another session early Saturday evening.