Birthday Aneros Session, March 30, 2016

Hi guys,

Today I am celebrating 67th birthday. I observed it in part with my first Aneros session in over two months. There are two reasons for this long hiatus between sessions. First, we had a rather cold winter, and second, lingering affects from the flu. I just feel up for sessions on cold winter mornings. I felt despondent about thrown into old age.

I decided to have a birthday nevertheless as good luck for the coming year in some many ways, especially as to my general health.

The major take away from this morning's session that after long Aneros usage, you never quite forget how so good the various models feel working away in you. I call this Aneros memory.

I used my most favorite Aneros models this morning: Helix Classic, Maximus, Tempo, and Progasm Classic.

Helix Classic for a long time has been a session opener. I began my Aneros journey in early June 2012 with Helix Syn which I believe is a good introduction to anal play for guys totally unfamiliar to that experience as me. I like Helix Classic better because that model provides more direct stimulation. This morning I opened myself up to new sensations from Helix Classic and was richly rewarded.

Next Maximus worked his magic in same fashion. The pleasure grew as the session progressed. With both these models, I began with lying on my side with my legs in sitting fashion, but switched to lying on my back with my butt placed on a pillow. Lying on my back, I've discovered, provided even more direct stimulation to my anal musculature and prostate.

After a breather of 5-10 minutes, I continued with Tempo which enables me to sit at my PC. I was grateful that the old feelings came back, especially with a model as Tempo!

I concluded the session with quality time with Progasm Classic which performed greatly. With Progasm, I experienced mini-O's and was on the verge of a Super-O.

Now I am reveling in feelings from Aless, just like old times. That is the beauty of Aneros memory when after a long absence, you come back and it feels like a duck to water.

Take care,