What Aneros should I buy next?

I have had my progasm ice for almost a year now and I am looking to mix it up a little bit, and maybe get something that moves a little bit more. I have been thinking of the eupho for a while now since I see that moves the most but it also has the most suble feeling from what I understand. The helix has also caught my eye but I feel it is too similar to the progasm. What do you guys think?

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  1. Just upgraded from the SGX to the Helix Syn and I love it. I was hoping it would be a little taller(im 6 foot 3) but it still gave me my first p waves. Progress!

    The Eupho looks good too, I’m curious to see others that have used both say.

  2. Definitely go for the **Helix Syn**, I’ve had great results with it, as have many others.

    > The Helix has also caught my eye but I feel it is too similar to the Progasm

    Given the different dimensions, shapes, and textures, I wouldn’t consider the Helix and Progasm/Ice to be that similar at all (I own both).

    What kind of results have you gotten so far? The Eupho is designed to move more but is quite subtle, so if you haven’t had much luck with the Progasm I definitely recommend Helix Syn over Eupho Syn.

    Good luck! Remember, patience is your best friend!

  3. If you like size but want something smaller that moves more than the Progasm go for the Progasm Jr. I find that that model is gives both a fuller feeling but has mobility. That being said my favorite is the Eupho but for me its been smaller is better.

  4. i only have the Helix Syn. It’s great an nimble. very good for light stimulation. Does not give you that full feeling though that i sometimes look for to get off. That’s why i’m thinking of buying the deVice.

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