Relaxation vs. Contractions

I’ve been working on achieving an MMO with the Aneros for almost a year now, and there’s something I never quite understood: how are you supposed to do a contraction if you’re supposed to be totally relaxed. If I do contractions I can get involuntary contractions while I hold a contraction, but if I fully relax I don’t get involuntaries. Am I supposed to just go totally limp with pure relaxation, or is doing contractions still considered relaxing?



  1. And for that matter, if you’re supposed to be totally relaxed, how do people report prostate orgasms while doing crunches, or walking with the aneros in, etc?

  2. I typically think of my sessions in three different phases.

    First, I just try to relax once an aneros is inserted. This is time to settle in and relax deeper. Most I’ll voluntarily do is breathing exercises.

    Second, I’ll start voluntary contractions. There’s a million ways to practice as you have the different muscle sets you can play with. You can then try different varying strengths of contractions as well as their timing. Contact on an in breath release on exhale or flip it and reverse it. Usually as this phase progresses I’ll try to start aiming for lighter and lighter contractions. Another good move is to do harder contractions, but always returning to a low level static contraction.

    Third. … this is where I think everyone had a difficult time understanding due to the rewiring process. You are already doing well because you get the involuntary contractions. So, congrats. By the time I usually deem that I’m phase three I’m already getting nice involuntary contractions. Now is a good time to utilize the “do nothing” style approach. Let it happen, all you have to worry about is maintaining arousal. Whatever that may be to you. Some people even report the best results from actively trying *not* to have contractions. See how this gets somewhat confusing?

    I promise that all is coming if you just keep practicing and having fun with it. I’ll keep responding if I can clarify anything better. Also, if anyone else out there experienced at aneros can chime in please do. Even if you want to just call B.S. and tell me I have everything wrong.

  3. I found this really tricky, too, for a long time! The word that worked for me was “allowing.” You are not trying to relax, and you are not trying to have contractions. You are just getting out of the way, to allow your body to do whatever it wants.

    A sort-of analogy: focus on your left arm. Tense it up, all the muscles. Then “relax” it, meaning make it go limp and dead, the opposite of tensing it. NOW, focus on feeling your heartbeat in that arm. Tune in to it until you can feel the entire arm pulsing with the heart beat as one unit.

    When you are feeling the heart beat, you are “Allowing” the arm to bring you its sensations. Note how that differs from the dead/limp kind of “relaxation.”

    When I play with the aneros, my first step is to find my heart beating in my prostate. Then I just keep that allowing-ness in focus and maintain a curiosity about what feelings are going to come to me.

  4. This is all excellent advise and i would add that practicing frequently (without necessarily overdoing it) also helps. After a decent session you should get a very enjoyable feeling down there that lasts for quite a while (sometimes a couple of days, depending on the intensity of your session). These after-effects definitely help me when i go for another session. It’s like they make you super sensitive to every movement of the aneros. They make you crave it even when not aroused and definitely makes for a better experience in my opinion.
    I have also tried sleeping with the aneros once. When you start you contractions first thing in the morning… believe me it feels AWESOME even if you don’t get the the super O

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