Aneros epiphany: folded sock under p-tab to to keep it farther out

I haven’t orgasmed yet from it, but oh boy I can tell this method is **completely** different. Over the past few years, even though using an Aneros generally feels “good,” I kept thinking that my prostate was never getting massaged directly, that it was either shallower or deeper in than the Aneros is designed for.

Anyway, last night I folded a thin ankle sock and put it under the P-tab, to keep the Aneros from going in as far as it normally does. From the moment I put it in, it feels **INCREDIBLE**. I’m just sitting here thinking, wow this feels amazing, and I haven’t even orgasmed or anything yet.

Anyone else do this? I can tell it’s a whole new experience for me. Wow.

Involuntary contractions: slow or fast?

I have a quick question about involuntary contractions. I can get my body to do them, but it requires a certain amount of focus to maintain that balance where my muscles do the contractions automatically. My question is: do people mostly orgasm from the contractions speeding up (i.e. thrusting) , or can you orgasm through the slow good feelings that come out of simply focusing and breathing without any contractions? THANKS!

Advice for people whose prostate is more frontal?

I finally had my first dry prostate orgasm a couple days ago. I did it by holding the toy with my right hand and manipulating it to angle more forward, i.e. a sharper angle towards the stomach side of my body. A few subtle slow pulses like this felt really good, and I kept going until I felt something a lot like a traditional orgasm building and it hit me and felt amazing, and I didn’t ejaculate. It was awesome.

Anyway, question is how to make the toys work better for me if they don’t seem to touch my prostate as-is? Does anyone adjust them so the toy pushes forward more? I feel like I’ve read people doing the opposite, when it pushes too hard. Help!

Relaxation vs. Contractions

I’ve been working on achieving an MMO with the Aneros for almost a year now, and there’s something I never quite understood: how are you supposed to do a contraction if you’re supposed to be totally relaxed. If I do contractions I can get involuntary contractions while I hold a contraction, but if I fully relax I don’t get involuntaries. Am I supposed to just go totally limp with pure relaxation, or is doing contractions still considered relaxing?