Involuntary contractions: slow or fast?

I have a quick question about involuntary contractions. I can get my body to do them, but it requires a certain amount of focus to maintain that balance where my muscles do the contractions automatically. My question is: do people mostly orgasm from the contractions speeding up (i.e. thrusting) , or can you orgasm through the slow good feelings that come out of simply focusing and breathing without any contractions? THANKS!



  1. I only have limited experience but I believe it’s possible to orgasm through focusing without experiencing any involuntary contractions. I’ve had really good sensations without any fluttering, and I’ve also had fluttering without much sensation. Hopefully I can get the two to coincide some time. Hope this helps!

  2. For me, best is too relax into the Involuntaries. Drink in the pleasure and knowledge my ass and prostate are pleasing themselves and me. Good deep breathing helps, butt focusing on contracting takes away from experience and causes many to lose the feeling. As feelings grow sometimes contractions go fast, others they stay slow. Just go with the flow and enjoy the pleasure you body is feeding you. Happy riding!

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