Aneros epiphany: folded sock under p-tab to to keep it farther out

I haven’t orgasmed yet from it, but oh boy I can tell this method is **completely** different. Over the past few years, even though using an Aneros generally feels “good,” I kept thinking that my prostate was never getting massaged directly, that it was either shallower or deeper in than the Aneros is designed for.

Anyway, last night I folded a thin ankle sock and put it under the P-tab, to keep the Aneros from going in as far as it normally does. From the moment I put it in, it feels **INCREDIBLE**. I’m just sitting here thinking, wow this feels amazing, and I haven’t even orgasmed or anything yet.

Anyone else do this? I can tell it’s a whole new experience for me. Wow.



  1. I’ll have to try this tonight! If it works I’ll let you know

  2. Never tried anything like that but have wondered if it was not hitting the prostate. Will have to give it a go.

  3. I find there’s a really fine line between cushioning the p-tab too much and not enough for me.

    Not enough: sore AF, esp when sitting.

    Too much: little to no automovement, generally less stimulation.


    For me, 3 squares of toilet paper folded to the size of one square, then half and half again seems to be the right combo.

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