First Blog

My first massager was the Helyx Syn bought 6 months ago. Although I feel I have made great strides with my 3-4 weekly sessions, I have yet to achieve the Dry-O and Super-O levels. Even being at the level i am, I feel I am way ahead even if this is all I would ever get from my Aneros experience. I feel better, I discovered feelings I never knew I had before and from a health point of view, I feel younger than my 61 years of existence. I wake up in the middle of the night far less to urinate and far more to feel a huge erection. Great!

Yesterday, I bought a Progasm Ice which I will road test tonight. I like the Helyx Syn for what it does but I feel I crave a little more direct contact with my prostate. I might love it or toss it back into it’s box in favor of my first friend. I will post progress updates.