First encounter with the Progasm Ice

Well, last night I had my first encounter with my new Progasm Ice and and here are a few details.

First, I lubed up, lubed the monster and slowly started inserting it. My anus, being used to the gentle curvature of the Helyx Syn started questioning my sanity as I was gently pushing it in further. Not a comfortable feeling at all. Eventually, it slid all the way in and now my rectum was screaming “who parked a nuclear sub in here?”. At that point, I was tempted to pull it out and cancel this session altogether but I persisted. It took a few minutes to get somewhat used to this new toy and as I settled down and relaxed, the feeling got better. There is no doubt the differences between the HS and the PI are very noticeable.

At first, I was laying on my back to get the feel of it and things immediately started to get agitated. I got p-waves in my lower abdomen and penis. I could really feel the added pressure on my prostate and this is what I was seeking. Soon after, my session was interrupted and had to run upstairs. I did so with the ‘sub’ still inside; (I was even able to pee with it parked inside). When I resumed, I tried laying on my side.

With six months of playing with my Helyx Syn, I found I really had to concentrate to maintain the feel of the toy on my prostate along with all the feelings tied to that contact. With the Progasm Ice, the feel is there constantly and so are all the effects and feelings tied to it.

All in all, I am happy I graduated to the Aneros big boys’ toy league and I look forward to my journey into the next level.