need some help/tips.

ok so i bought a loki wave. i started off with smaller toys before that have slipped in rather easy. i can get it about halfway in and its just feels like its stuck there after. what should i do? should i push a little harder? im scared i might hurt something down there. i used plenty of lube. not sure sure if this happens to other but i was bleeding a bit after trying to get it up there. not a lot of blood just tiny spot on toilet paper. is that normal?

separate question how exactly do i know where my prostate is. it all feels the same in there to me. this toy is pretty big how do i know if ive reached the spot? im 5’11 will i be able to get the whole thing in to take advantage of the 2nd vibrator.

as you can tell im still pretty new to this all. havent really been able to find my zone yet. any advice helps really. sorry for the long post.



  1. I’m rather new to this as well, but as someone who has experienced some bleeding like you describe myself with some larger toys, I highly suggest using more lube (really, it’s surprising how much can be needed) and going slowly while applying pressure. Since you already have it in, I suppose the alignment you have is fine, but one of the earliest problems I had was pushing in directly up rather than at an angle. Simple but stupid mistakes.

  2. Use a little Vaseline on your toy first before you use your regular lube. Then, either finger yourself with lube quite a bit before insertion to pre-lube your insides or, ideally, use a lube launcher. This should alleviate the first problem.

    I’m sure you can find and have seen the anatomical picture of where to find the prostate, but how do you feel it? Others have had success by edging to near orgasm before inserting a finger or a toy. This should get the prostate swollen and aroused enough that it should be easier to locate. I think practicing with an aneros will lead you to higher prostate awareness over time.

    Just keep playing and having fun. Try not to worry about orgasm just do what feels nice and enjoy those sensations. Stay relaxed and stay aroused! Good luck

  3. aw man bleeding isn’t good. The Loki Wave is a surprisingly big toy so I can see that happening. It gets pretty wide, but its a gradual increase, so I typically take my time with insertion or I will do a lot of foreplay before taking it. I recommend using a smaller toy first as a prep phase, use lots of lube, and really drag the insertion part out. take your time. enjoy the how the smooth texture of the toy feels on your rim, and try to breath into it if you know what I mean.

    >it all feels the same in there to me. this toy is pretty big how do i know if ive reached the spot

    To locate your prostate I would do this:

    Jack off like normal and edge a few times. get to the point where you have to ease yourself back from cumming, and you do it by dropping your dick and relaxing these muscles we have, you know, the ones that make our cocks jump on their own.

    well get close, drop your dick and relax those muscles, and really try to isolate those muscles. I only know my body, and for me I have 2 distinct muscle groups down there when you back up from the edge of cumming. There’s one that relaxes very quickly, and a second one that lags behind and requires more effort to calm down. I don’t know if both of these are the prostate, or if only one of them is, but they make me have anal orgasms when I stimulate.

    now stick your toy or finger in, edge just like you were before, and this time when you back off, try to make contact with those muscles…

    hope that helps

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