Monday, 6/27/16 session, the power of Aneros subtlety *

Hi guys,

Wow, what a hot session I just had this morning, and wow, what sweet, powerful Aless as I type this entry!

I began with Helix Syn. My well-educated hole and prostate this model, my very first purchase Aneros product, rode it with such finesse and verve that it was uncanny. I didn’t need to prompt its motion. But I did perform Kegels and Reverse Kegels, which fueled my Aneros horniness.

Then I switched Progasm Jr. The same thing, only my smaller black version of the much larger Progasm Classic, Progasm Ice, and Progasm Ivory did something unique. I let Progasm Jr of its own accord massage a special area down there. It could have been my prostate or my anal canal, but it was sweet, powerful, subtle sexual energy that seemed like electricity, a buzz, which I am stimulating with Kegels as I type these words. I also used Kegels and Reverse Kegels on Progasm Jr. and what I produced was indescribable sexual sweetness.

Next I used Tempo, and again I didn’t to do anything. My anal musculature and prostate handled Tempo in their own way. The heavy stainless steel of Tempo magnified its action and its effect.

I concluded this morning’s session with Maximus. Maximus always slips easily and hits its target(s). This morning however Maximus seemed aggressive. So I had to go easily with Maximus.

A good Aneros session always produces a well fucked feeling. My anal tract and musculature are well massaged. So is my prostate which alive with pleasure, quivering with sexual energy. All this courses to my penis which yearns for action. My Kegels and Reverse Kegels even now keep this sexual fire ablaze. The fire will die down to long lasting embers of Aless.

Another thing. It is gratifying that my Aneros sessions have transformed my masturbation sessions. Generally now I masturbate once a week or every two weeks. Aneros has taught me to edge so that when I do cum, it is lasts a minute or two with powerful sweetness. Take care!