Re-Wiring Reversing?

For the first time in 6 months, I have been away from home, (travelling in our RV) and my Aneros toys; no sessions for 5 days. I am used to having sessions 2 to 4 times weekly so I was sure my re-wiring process would be reversing itself. Does it ever reverse itself?

During the trip, I practiced Aless contractions and abdomen breathing on a regular basis (while driving, eating etc.). The feeling I was experiencing were almost as good as the ones I was feeling with the toys.

One morning in the trip, I woke up (at dawn) with a very hard erection and I just quietly contract my PC muscle with deep abdomen breaths. I was rewarded with an explosion of feelings that were almost orgasmic specially in my glans and this lasted for about a half our until I fell asleep again. This makes me believe these feelings may be similar to the successful Aless sessions described by so many members. If so, the future is looking good!

We returned home yesterday and my prostate was screaming for action. After my wife went to bed, I lubed up and inserted my Helix Syn. The feelings resumed to exactly where I left off 6 days ago.

This is what Aneros has done to me:
– I feel much better overall,
– at night, I get up far less often to urinating; once in while only if I drank a lot of liquid during the evening,
– I am much more aware of my body and it’s feelings however minute they may be,
– I am experiencing these Aless p-waves on command (working towards more intense feelings),
– although I think I had ED, I still have problems getting erections on command but I definitely see improvements. I do however, get hard erections several times during the night and I now try to extend them with contractions and no hand contact,
– I am getting better at edging and experiencing the benefits,
– I watch far less porn than before and can fantasize easier,
– I thoroughly enjoy every sensation with and without the Aneros

A while ago, I took the habit of keeping my penis out of my underwear (through the pee opening) separated from my scrotum. It seems to boost the feelings produced by abdomen breeding and contractions while sitting or walking. It works for me.

Some say they can get addicted to the feelings resulting from prostate play; I may very well be one of them. I look forward to further blooming in my venture.

Why is it that good stuff like pizza, fries and other goodies are not good for us? Well, prostate play is great and happens to be good for me! I plan to fully indulge!

Happy sessions to all.