“Sweet Aless Session Takes Me To Nirvana”

I was up early this AM and decided to retire to my favorite couch for a while. Usually, I put on headphones and dose on some stimulating binaural beats or erotic hypnosis. However, this morning, I just decided to forgo the headphones and relax with an Aless session. I wanted to see how far I could ride.

I am always amazed at the feelings my body can generate Aless. Yes, it has been several weeks since my last “official” Aneros session and I do miss them. But the feelings I began to get while doing some light contractions (and reverse contractions) just seemed to put me into a blissful (Nirvana–like) state. OMG! The feelings continued to build, gradually, until I felt a ‘shudder’ all throughout my body. All the while, I felt a ‘quivering’ in my prostate that felt so good…..

I continued this session for about an hour. I probably dozed-off somewhere in between. When I awoke again, I am reminded of the blissful sensations I just experienced, knowing that I can return to this place anytime I want! I’m delighted to be a man!

Aless Reflection: While in this “state”, I reflected on the aspects of Aless sensations as I know them now. In particular, what does “Aless’ mean, really? As a human male, I ‘feel’ my sexuality in many different ways, some physical, some mental, some spiritual. As part of the physical sensations, the Aneros-less (or Aless) sensations can be felt primarily within the prostate and lower rectum. But realize that what I am REALLY feeling are the nerve transmissions associated with these “organs”. Therefore, there is a complex interaction between the sexual organs and my brain. It is there, ultimately, where I feel Aless. It is not in just a few male organs, but rather in my whole being. This is mind-blowing! I can’t dissolve my sexuality from my person, just as I can’t dissolve my (fill-in-the-organ) from my body! It just can’t be done! My sexuality is as much a part of me as my brain! Now there’s something to chew-on! If that is true, then my sexuality is with me ALL THE TIME! So too I can feel Aless sensations ALL THE TIME! It certainly feels that way now with the re-wiring essentially complete. Or is it?………

Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/sweet-aless-session-takes-me-to-nirvana/