Wednesday 6/29/16 session, there is always Aless sweetness no matter what the session!

Hi guys,

I woke up this morning in the 4 o’clock hour as I do usually. Often I’ll listen to the news on the BBC and NPR Morning Edition for couple hours. Most mornings though I rise around six to get ready for my daily routine. But this morning, I woke up feeling horny and randy. So around 5, I prepped for a session using in order models Helix Syn, Progasm Jr, Tempo, and Maximus as I did on Monday.

There is hardly a morning when I have session that my body is not psyched for a session. My randiness and horniness this morning made me receptive for my models. The “do-nothing technique” is now second nature for me. Relaxation through calm breathing, with perhaps an occasional Kegel or two, activates the motion of my models. It is so wonderful that I am rediscovering Helix Syn and Progasm Jr in new, exciting ways. Helix Syn works well with subtlety, especially for experienced Aneros users, which is so gratifying for me. Progasm Jr truly “locks” itself in place delivering direct stimulation to my perineum, anal canal, and prostate. It is not so heavy duty as its older, bigger brothers of the Progasm line. Actually I could wear it around the apartment if I wished for possibly fifteen or thirty minutes or even an hour!

Tempo again with its stainless steel heft does magnify in a grand way the Aneros experience for me. As advertised, you deliver the contractions and Tempo does the rest. I have discovered recently that Tempo is great for “weight training” with a couple sets of Kegels and Reverse Kegels. Also I have discovered that a little bit of Tempo goes a long, long way!

Maximus performed better this morning than on Monday. I am glad that subtlety also works well with Maximus too. Nothing heavy duty because when I use that approach it exhausts me.

Rarely now I have a dud session which is a failure. A session may seem routine but that’s OK. Every session is unique to be savored for what it is. All I can say that my body enjoys interacting with Aneros. I come away from sessions renewed as a man, and this is reflected in Aless which manifests itself in many ways. For a long time, I can shape my Aless with my Kegels and Reverse Kegels and even with my mind when I think what the Aneros has done for me! Aless now for me is vibrant. sexual energy, luminous, often pulsating!

Take care!

P.S. I just wrote, “Aless now for me is vibrant, sexual energy, luminous, often pulsating!” I get this feeling often when I am edging when I am masturbating. I call this “riding the edge of ejaculatory inevitability.” That feeling when sweeps over me is sexual sweetness that pervades my body and consciousness. That was the unexpected, surprising tidal wave of pleasure that swept over me when I experienced my first bona fide orgasm with ejaculation of semen at age 13/14! But it lasted only maybe at most fifteen second, before I felt those first ever spurts of cum! With Aless, I can experience all this in a controlled manner without a wet orgasm. It is so wonderful that I can stimulate and control my Aless either physically through Kegels or touching or caressing my erogenous zones, such is my nipples, hairy chest, abs, pubes, scrotum, and thighs. It is so wonderful and sweet!