Tricking brain by imitating sensation of orgasm by contracting on the aneros?

After 2 months abstinence from anything sexual, each contraction collapsing on the aneros is mind-blowing. It’s good enough to make my eyes roll to brain involuntarily. There is **this itchy place that can be scratched over and over again**, and every time it’s like 2 sec orgasm.

It makes me think that perhaps I’m not stimulating prostate at all, but pelvic floor muscles responsible for orgasm. Orgasm is a series of involuntary contractions. What I do when contracting on the aneros is imitating exactly that, over and over.

I imagine a lot of you have had related thoughts on your journeys. So I wanted to ask you at least if this is a possibility? Because I’ve had a lot of sessions and I can never ever feel anything by tickling prostate. It’s all about contractions, preferably with legs stretched out as far as possible. I’ve never had prostate orgasm.

Hopefully someone has anything to say about it. Eliminating or confirming the possibility I’m not stimulating prostate at all would be of great help.


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  1. I think your on to something about orgasms being closely tied to contractions. When you’re coming from regular ejaculations or aneros type prostate orgasms you will have a flurry of contractions.

    With that said I don’t think contractions are necessarily the source of the pleasure. This is tricky because contractions cause the aneros to move and create more pleasurable sensations which can kick start a feed back loop. The source of pleasure is rubbing and pressure on sensitive nerve endings. The aneros may rely on hands free contractions to cause rubbing and pressure, but it’s still stimulation of nerve endings that causes a pleasurable sensation.

    On the other hand I really don’t know because I can have a less sessions where I’m trying to get the muscles to twitch which can sometimes lead to buildup of sensations feeling like I’m orgasming.

    I guess it’s kind of like the chicken and the egg what came first question.

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