Today I had my first SuperO – and goes on.

After a month of regular use, today I finally attained my first Super O. It was mindblowing! Hoping I can maintain this state of consciousness in order to quickly achieve SuperOs in the future.

After I had the SuperO, I took out the aneros, and I’ve been having constant prostate orgasms without it in, it’s fucking incredible, I can’t even walk without having a massive prostate orgasm. I am sitting right know, without the aneros in, feeling extreme pleasure at the prostate (pleasure at the level of penile orgasm pleasure). I hope it stops so I can sleep!



  1. Just a word of warning.

    This sounds like what happened to me. The orgasms will stop. Simple muscle fatigue will come to the rescue.

    If you can do this as easily as I can, it is a path to addiction.

    I’m doing this every day and can’t stop. Don’t want to.

    As long as it doesn’t interfere with my job – too much, I can live with it.

  2. If it gets to be too much after a while, you can definitely learn to control it. My husband had the same thing happen to him, whereas he would be at work and basically be on the verge of prostate orgasm for half a day. I read about and taught him about controlling it as an energy you can picture in your mind. If you basically focus on your prostate, you can slowly start to push that energy with your mind down your legs, to your feet, and ground it (push it away from your body via the bottoms of your feet, into the ground). This will disburse the energy out of your body and you will be forced to build up that energy again. He told me that it made his legs fall asleep when he first tried it, but after a couple more attempts of focusing the energy downward, he was and is now able to completely control it. It sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo bullshit, but you’re absolutely dealing with an energy force that you’ve unlocked. Enjoy it, and remember that you are in control.

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