Bought my first Aneros a few days ago…feeling queasy

It really annoys me I feel like I have to make a throwaway account for this, but I guess my prudish nature got the better of me.

So I’ve been experimenting with anal play for a few years now, mostly using what I have laying around the house. I finally got it properly in my head that using household objects in my asshole was likely a great way to get a trip to the ER, so I resolved to finally go out and get something proper.

I went out and bought the Aneros Progasm. After reading a bunch of stuff online about the Aneros, it seemed like the perfect toy for me. I liked anal play for the prostate stimulation, I wasn’t looking to imitate the feeling of being fucked.

Anyhoo, I brought it home about 4 or 5 days ago, and have been loving it. I’ve already had a few p-waves, and it otherwise just feels so freaking good (+1 to the guy who recommended binaural beats). It’s unreal.

However I’ve been finding that I’ve been feeling really queasy lately. Like, kind of car-sick. It’s worst a few hours after a session (So every morning, since I’m using it every night before bed) and seems to last at least until my next session (longest time between was about 24 hours). It came to a head this morning, as I had an AMAZING session last night and I woke up this morning early feeling like the Aneros was still inside me (It wasn’t). I was getting amazing feelings, but I was also just so nauseous. It’s calmed a bit now (Both feelings), but I’m wondering if anyone else had or has this issue? I read online about some “Herxheimer” effect about “releasing/cleansing toxins from the body”, but, when referencing prostate massages, that sounds like hippy bullshit. Maybe I’m wrong there. Any help?

TL:DR – I got my Aneros, I love it, but a few hours after I use it I feel nauseous/car-sick. Anyone else have this problem?


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  1. Are you skipping any meals you normally wouldn’t or anything like that?

    My best recommendation would be to take a few days off and see if the nausea subsides at all. If it persists it could be something worth seeing a doctor about. No use taking chances when it comes to your personal health.

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