Did I do it right?

So I had a lot of success last night. With some help from this forum, I correctly lubed up my helix and put it in…relaxed for an hour…and then got the urge to buck my hips to the point of orgasming…lots of cum…dribbled out…is this something that’s supposed to happen? Did I do it right? I don’t remember if I felt the “involuntaries” but while I was relaxing my prostate was very prominent and I could feel the contact. Advice?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/4zdo7c/did_i_do_it_right/

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  1. I would say any pleasurable sensations is “doing it right”. Just keep enjoying whatever feels good and your body will continue to adapt and intensify the pleasure. There is no standard path along the journey.

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