In a rut

So, i’ve had my Helix Syn for a month and a half now. I know it’s not long but i feel i am in a bit of a rut and am finding it hard to get out of it.

My routine consists of cleaning myself out, inserting two small syringe worth of water based lube and then lubing up the Aneros.

Once inserted i don’t do anything for about 20 minutes or so. Mostly just watch some porn and focus on my breathing.

During this phase i do feel some quite subtle, nice, sensations. They come and go, seemingly of their own free will, not something i feel i can control.

After about 20 minutes i start clenching my ass and moving the Aneros in and out. I switch between clenching reasonably hard and releasing and then holding at about 50% for a while. After a while i just get bored and loose interest.

I usually experience some pre-cum flow but nothing out of the ordinary.

I know patience is key and my experince is no different from a lot of others who have gotten frustrated.

But i would really like to achieve at least another milestone, just to keep me interested.

You guys have any pointers for me?


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  1. I haven’t been using mine long (about a week and a half), but I’ve had p-waves, and even last night had a small glimpse of whats to come in a wave that totally just pressed that button the right way (UNNNF). So I’ll offer what I know and maybe/hopefully that will help you!

    I find that consciously clenching/flexing actually detracts from my experience. I might be an outlier here, but i find that laying on my back, keeping my legs flat (maybe a little bent, but only slightly) and together, and breathing are big. As for my butt: I try to RELAX it as much as possible. I envision my anus opening to take the Aneros as deeply as possible. Deep breathing helps here, coming from my lower abdomen as opposed to my chest.

    Eventually I start feeling like a buzzing in my anus and prostate. At this point I try to just breath and enjoy the sensations, and its awesome. As for my butt during that time: nothing changes! I am always trying to keep it relaxed and open, and when I find the sweet spot I try to hold it there. Involuntary clenches happen more gradually this way, but I also get a lot of muscle spasms on those small muscles inside, which feel just amazing.

    Maybe I’m doing it wrong, but it feels fantastic. I used it last night and started rubbing the head of my penis and felt an involuntary clench that hit the PERFECT spot, but I was then about to traditional orgasm from that, and I dont want to do that with the Aneros. Cant get my rewiring done if I finish with my hand, basically.

    I hope this helps! Maybe try some binaural beats! They are just noise (No, they dont actually do anything) but they ARE a great way to drown out the world around you and just focus on the sensations.

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