“A Split Surfing Session”

An interesting session! I awakened VERY EARLY this morning with a rock-hard erection in bed. Really thought I would be headed for an ejaculation (with just a little bit of hand coaxing). I decided to lie downstairs on the sofa for a while and just chill with some relaxing music. I put-on a track which I have listened to before (name escapes me now) and it was about an hour long. I fell-into a “mild” fantasy: I have visited a massage parlor and a masseuse was going to give me a “soft and gentle cock massage (with no happy ending). I have never experienced this before and so I was intrigued. I laid down and we began…..

She very slowly started stroking and caressing my scrotum and penis through my silky boxers and it is feeling wonderful! After a while, she slowly removes my boxers and makes sure that my “safety towel” is discreetly draped over my package. What a nice touch! Anyway, she continues with this soft and gentle massage and I must say this was the mildest penis massage I have ever experienced. I was not erect most of the time but her lovely, soft touch made me quiver. I didn’t feel like I was anywhere near the PONR and she told me that would be what it felt like. It was a very relaxing, warm, sensual feeling. Following this massage, it was still very early in the morning and so I retired once again to the safety of the bed.
A few hours later, I am again awakened by a very powerful, rock-hard erection and I am now VERY AROUSED. So much so, that I feel that I need to ejaculate. I decided to retreat once again to the sofa and put-on a binaural for ejaculation which I like. It was not too intense but was going to be very effective. So I laid down, draped my safety towel over my very erect penis and began to listen. This was about 30 minutes long and I almost went the distance (~20 minutes) before I am leaking so much precum and feeling so close to the PONR, I had to put myself out of misery. I re-positioned my towel right under my erect cock and did a few “cycles” of edging (not surfing this time). I stopped just before the PONR each time and clamped-down on my PC muscle to stop the flow. I was able to do this successfully about three times when I knew that I couldn’t hold it back any longer. When I came, and needed to clean-up, I was amazed at the sheer volume of semen I had ejaculated! Now it is only four days since my last release—-I am wondering whether that is the reason my ejaculate volume is greater. That makes sense since a long period between ejaculations seems to thwart the semen volume substantially. Nevertheless, I looked at the several pools of semen on the towel in amazement! I am also drinking a lot of water and read that this will help to increase semen volume as well. I feel great today!


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