Holy shit. Holy. Shit.

Ok, so I’ve been trying to use my Aneros more lately. It’s tricky, being married with two kids, to find time to set aside an hour or so to just lay down, relax, and enjoy myself. I’m also trying to balance hobbies and such, and some evenings I quite simply have to choose between hobbies and aneros time. And I value my hobbies, so the Aneros is only getting love once a week, at most.

However, last night I decided to indulge. Kids went to bed, the wife was watching her dumb shows, and I went to lay down. And it was the best session I had experienced. I’m still getting mostly just P-waves, but it’s amazing how sticking with it has you make some progress, little by little. And I was laying down for about 2 hours, and finally I had to get up. Whew. It was amazing.

Until today.

You see, at work I got a little frisky thinking of my progasm. So I made some flimsy excuse about going home for lunch for errands, and I drove home for lunch (10 minute commute FTW). I got home and it was quiet. I laid down, carefully slipped it in, and put on my headphones with a binaural beat youtube video “designed” for prostate stimulation.

Yes, I realize that binaural beats are, basically, total bullshit, but the noise DOES help me block out outside noises and concentrate on the fun. So they might not sync up my tantric energy, or something else about universe energy, but they help in some way.

Anyways, what I thought was a great session last night ended up being “good” by comparison to today at lunch. I only had 45 minutes to play, and I had more pleasure in that 45 minutes then the entire of that 2 hours.

At one point, I just felt like my body was just buzzing, feeling kind of heavy, and there was this pressure, AMAZING FEELING of pressure eminating from my prostate. If I breathed in? It tingled. If I breathed out? It tingled. If I flexed the smallest iota? It super tingled. If I relaxed every muscle and just focused on the feeling? It got more intense until I involuntarily moved or twitched. I kept saying “holy shit” a lot. Because, let’s be real here: Holy shit. And I know I didn’t plateau, because there were moments where I would get the smallest taste, a flash of pleasure lasting less than half a second, where I knew there was more beyond what I was experiencing.

I know many of us are chasing that seemingly elusive super-o, but if this is what I can look forward to next time I slide that sucker in, then I honestly don’t mind if this is where I’m “stuck”. Because I could have just laid there for hours and hours. When the 45 minutes was up, I was sad it was over, but also felt really…good. Warm. Happy. Not totally sexually relieved, but like…content. Like I just had an amazing massage. I just felt happy. Still do! Prostate is STILL tingling.

Anyways, I’m not sure what the point of this is. I’d love to be able to gush to my friends but only my best friend knows I have this and he’s not the person you gush to about this sort of thing. So you’re my aneros pals, and I HAD to tell someone. You guys ‘get’ it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/53uyl4/holy_shit_holy_shit/


  1. Have you tried using it with some weed? If that’s at all an option for you I recommend it. The first time I tried it I was pushed over the edge into Super-o land.

  2. Awesome story man. I just started looking into this stuff per a recommendation. I may take the plunge. What model do you have? I’m going to read around more. I love new info lol

  3. “if this is what I can look forward to next time I slide that sucker in, then I honestly don’t mind if this is where I’m “stuck”. Because I could have just laid there for hours and hours”

    You absolutely have the right mindset! That kind of ‘down for whatever’, non-striving is what will get you there. It’s some yoda shit: do not want, and you shall receive.

    The most helpful recurring session thought I’ve had lately has been “just pay attention to whatever your body wants you to feel, don’t be afraid of what moves and how”. The extent to which I focus on staying in my body, staying with my breath, tracking sensations throughout my body without judgement (because I’ve made some weird ass faces I’d be horrified for people to see, let me tell you), is the extent to which I enjoy my super-o’s, which I now am guaranteed to have every session.

    That being said: as a guy who also has experience with anal play and tried the prograsm, I will say that it’s much more difficult to have super-os with the Progasm. I’ve even been something of a size adventurer before, so when I first saw the aneros line I scoffed, figuring that all the tittering on the boards was coming from people who had no anal experience. But in my experience, the Helix Syn is the easiest and quickest road to getting on that next level. I’m even eyeing the Eupho as I think it might be fun to experience. Size is definitely irrelevant in the traditional sense of things when it comes to Aneros, and the prograsm just doesn’t quite do it for me.

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