Monday morning session: “Really into you!” : September 19

Washington DC weather is one of extremes. We have had several months of relentless heatwaves, but hardly any rain. Recent weeks we have had drought conditions. So today we are having a rainy day for a change with very high humidity. Even the keys of my PC keyboard are laden with yucky moisture!

Also I had mostly a sleepless Saturday night/Sunday morning, so church was a huge drag. I finally arrived home at 3:30 p.m. exhausted, but managed to hang on until I went to bed just after 10 p.m., my usual time. I craved rest and slept like a log until just after 7 this morning, very unusual. I rise usually between 5:30 and 6:30 a.m. I laid in bed this morning and listened to the radio until just after 7:30 a.m. I had serious Aless and really wanted a session.

The session lasted about 1.5 hours with the following models: Progasm Ivory, MGX, Maximus, Progasm ICE.

Since my breakthrough last Friday morning with Super-O’s and MMO’s, I am “really into” my Aneros tools. “Really into someone” is an expression of developing intimacy in a couple that leads to sex usually, but most so intimacy that leads to communion of souls. It seems that I am really getting to know my Aneros tools and they are getting to know me. Such knowledge leads to intense, sweet pleasure which leads ultimately to Super-O’s, MMO’s, and even beyond!

This morning I attempted to use Program Ivory to open my session and even. He inserted easily and he produced some sweet sensations, but really little happened. I should have had more patience with Progasm Ivory. “Hey guy, I’ll use you again soon!” However, when I switched to MGX, that was when fireworks began. Just as what happened in the Saturday midday session, MGX hooked around my prostate and seemed to grab it. Paroxysms of intense pleasure ensued, again waves, absolute surges of pleasure! MGX is certainly an Energizer Bunny. I let him do his own thing with me. When I withdrew MGX this morning, there was a surge of liquid energy, much of it localized in my penis which felt like it was going to cum! There was however a copious ooze of viscous precum! Maximus also operated in the same way as MGX. My bunghole and prostate had that delightfully well-exercised, sweet soreness of a thorough plowing too!

I finished the session with Progasm ICE which worked better than ever before! However, its sleekness still provides a risk of slipping out.

Update early Tuesday afternoon at 1:30 p.m. I am so happy that my Aless made a quantum leap into higher orbit with my breakthroughs into achieving Super-O’s, MMO’s, and discovering that knack of interacting more directly and naturally with my Aneros tools, all this done through my most remarkable session early last Friday morning! Now whenever I sit my chair at my PC and I experience Aless, I can enter into my Aless in a most powerful way as I feel most profoundly the pulsations of my anal tract and prostate.

Late Monday night, we residents of our apartment building had our power turned off for a seven hour maintenance by our local power company. Actually the outage lasted about an hour in the midnight hour Tuesday. About 2 a.m., I had an impromptu session with Helix Classic during which I used the do-nothing technique with that tool. Helix Classic interacted with me in a more direct way, similar to MGX. I look forward to similar sessions with Helix Classic in coming weeks.

Tonight I plan to have a session with MGX, Maximus, and Progasm Classic models in the 10 o’clock hour.

Finally Aless is a powerful meditation tool in which I focus your mind and breathing upon your Aless. This meditation tool can be applied to your Aneros sessions as well during with through the do-nothing technique and calm breathing, you open yourself up to what your Aneros tools and body have for you. Can’t wait for my next session. Take care!