Helix too small?

So I’ve had my helix for about a year now and I use it off and on. I should probably be more consistent but I have a pretty chaotic schedule. Anyways I’ve never reach the coveted super-O.

I try the slight flexing and relaxing and giving it plenty of time. I’ve found when I really relax I can feel the slight pressure on my prostate and get some body tremors from the pleasure but nothing sustained. It usually just teases and frustrates me to the point of finishing the deed the old fashioned way.

Compared to the progasm the helix looks small and I sometimes worry if the helix is simply too small for me (being a 6foot guy).

The only other factor that I need to try is abstaining from ejaculation for a few days before hand. This can be difficult due to my young hormones and my fairly active sex life.

These are just my thoughts and issues and I was wondering if anyone had a similar experience with the helix. I’d appreciate any input.

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  1. I felt the same way after a couple months with the Helix Syn. I bought the Progasm and I liked it better and had amazing results after another month and a half. I do still like having the syn too. I’m also 6ft.

  2. It might not be the right fit for you, but I wouldn’t necessarily assume the thicker one will work better for you. I’m also a tall guy at 6’2″ or so, and I found I get the best results with the Maximus model. I tried the Helix Syn and like you said it felt a bit small. Then I tried the Eupho Syn which is actually thinner than the Helix, but longer. I had some good results with that one. More recently I bought the Maximus which is basically the non-syn version of the Eupho. So far that has been hands down the best fit for me. I have tried the Progasm and in my experience it can be a bit uncomfortable if you aren’t prepared. Just my experience as another tall guy. I think everyone’s different so it may not apply to you. My experiences are over the course of years btw, I didn’t go crazy and buy like one a month lol.

  3. I’m 6′ as well, and have had the Helix Syn for about two months (I’ve also had the MGX for a few years, but still consider myself a novice, since there was a long period with little or no use). I’ve definitely experienced some nice sensations from it, but I’m wondering if my prostate sits just out of reach…I’ve had to manually push it in to make contact, as it tends to slip out half an inch or so. I may try the Eupho next, since it’s longer.

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