Started with Vice, which model to get now?

I got the Aneros vice cause I wanted the vibration, it feels great but since I am a beginner to Aneros (not anal play I have experience with the nJoy pure wand, etc) I feel like I should have started with a beginner model because the Aneros devices require more learning than any other prostate device.

So I basically want to know which model I should downgrade too in order to learn the necessary contractions that I can’t do with the Vice due to its size there is barely any movement when contracting. Also, the Vice is meant for pros and when it comes to Aneros I am not a pro because the Vice is the only one I’ve used.

Which model is best for direct prostate contact and an inevitable rocking motion from the contractions?

TL;DR-(The rocking motion caused by contraction is what Aneros designed their devices to do and I’m not getting enough of it from the Vice due to its size and it being my only Aneros device).


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  1. try a Helix , thats a great one to start with.

    sgx, and MGX are great to get once you get the contractions under control. you can use your vice, just practice.

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