To do or not to do, that is the question.

So, what should I do? Should I contract and relax the muscles? Should I mantain certain degree of contraction? Should I do nothing and wait?
So far, I’ve tried the contract-relax and the mantain-contract (I have to say that maybe I’m not “doing nothing” enough time, which might be the problem). It feels good, but no great pleasure so far.
Also, I would like you to tell me what are these: when I hold the contraction at a certain level, my sphincter (I think) like has involuntaries? I don’t know, it’s like the aneros is trembling into my ass. It’s pleasurable, but I find it hard to find the level of contraction and to mantain it. So, what are those and what do they lead to?
Thanks in advance 😀



  1. I had a badass session last night, so let me offer this: First, relax. Seriously, when they say relax and just let your body get used to it, they are right. Just lay there, and relax. I put on binaural beats to help concentrate, but porn could work too. I don’t contract, I dont tense. I do what I can to just relax all my pc muscles (well, ALL muscles actually).

    This will lead to small sensations that I can focus on that arouse me. This leads to more and bigger sensations! Soon I am involuntarily moving or clenching or twitching and I can just focus on the pleasure.

    I have not yet got a super O, but I have got p-waves and and am now able to get amazing sensations within a minute of placing the aneros in. I can tell I will break through soon, but I am just enjoying the ride!

    Oh! Thats a big one: just go into a session expecting to enjoy yourself. Dont expect mind blowing anything. Just expect to feel good. If you set your expectations too high, you will get frustrated with slow progress and end up “trying” too hard which will lead to failure. I still struggle with that!

    Hope that helps!

  2. These are all good questions sir.

    First, it’s best to try different methods of contracting/relaxing and see if you can find the best method for you. There are quite a few possibilities and permutations that one can try to achieve pleasurable sensation. It takes some experimentation to find what works best. One key to remember is doing diaphragmatic breaths in sync with the contractions. Try all different types of contractions. Try contracting on the in breath and relaxing on the exhale, or the opposite way around. Sometimes try the maintaining a hold contraction. Also adjust the strength of contractions. Full squeeze, half strength, quarter, ten percent and even five percent or as light as possible. Of course try full on relaxing also. This is why full relaxation is key because it is your baseline with no contraction. Eventually you’ll realize this is sort of why the aneros works is because it’s made not to be stable inside your sphincter muscles. One of my favorites is an inhale with medium light holding contraction then exhale with full relaxation for a while and once warmed up switch to medium contraction on the inhale then a 5% hold on exhales. Give each variation you try enough of a shot to see if it’s leading somewhere, but it sounds like your already having luck if your having involuntary contractions.

    Involuntary contractions are the heart and soul of aneros arousal. It is why you want to get a feed back loop started where your continued pleasure causes more contractions causing more pleasure and so on and so forth. Try seeing if you can link your involuntary contractions to pleasure you feel. When it rubs your prostate lightly you should feel some pleasure that rises up and down in long slow waves. Almost no one can feel these until they train at it for some time so remain patient. The arousal will build if your work in slow subtle ways to move the aneros around. You can gain a surprising amount of control of the device over time like whistling. At first you learn to make any old noise, but one day you can whistle complex melodies. You can also do variations with different muscles themselves. Sphincter (poop stopping] , pc (pee stopping] and also rectal [poop pushing outing) for different effects

    There I go again rambling off….

    Involuntaries eventuality lead to building pleasure. So the trembling is good! But like you said it can be tricky to keep it going. Some have the issue where they kill the good things happening because they get excited once it starts feeling good. Just breath and do your best to keep doing what you were doing.

    Don’t think in terms of orgasms this is now a dead concept to you. It’s more like a sexual massage.

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