Best brand for public use?

So my (f)iance and I (m) are looking for toys to wear and use on each other. We really want ones that have either remotes or controlled by our phones so we can have control over each other when we go out to the bar with friends or on a date. We decided to get her the wevibe 4+ since it can also be used together in bed. As for the prostate massager we don’t know what to get. It’s between the nexus revo stealth, the lelos Hugo, or an aneros without a remote control. Which would be more comfortable to wear for a couple of hours while sitting down eating dinner or at the bar with friends and which one has the best battery life?


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  1. The Hugo has the best control, but is larger and would likely be uncomfortable to sit on for a while as it runs along the perineum also. It might also be audible as it not only has a motor by your prostate, but also by the perineum which could vibrate your chair. The aneros vice vibrates and can be comfortable for extended times, but has no controller. I don’t know anything about the other though.

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