1. Involuntaries are contractions, twitching or trembling that your body produces on its own without your mind consciously telling the muscles to do so. You get into an interesting chicken and the egg type paradox when you think about this. It’s akin to walking as an analogy. You have to think about how to walk when you’re first learning, but eventually you don’t think so hard about it anymore you just walk over there or over here etcetera. However, you CAN think about it if you want to consciously control it like if you were learning a new dance step or walking near a cliff and really watching your step carefully because of the danger.

    A p wave is hard to explain too. I think it is the term us anerosites adopted to describe the waves of pleasure that ebb and flow up and down in your prostate (although can encompass lower groin region to even the entire body) because we still can’t let go of the term orgasm. I think if we completely shed the idea of orgasm all together we’d all be better for it. That’s why people are always talking about super o, but people who know just understand that you can have a more and more and more powerful orgasm and that there’s really no upper limit to. People often report that holy shit there’s an even more powerful sensation than when I had previously thought I had a super o. No! You start out having mini o’s then regular size o’s then super o’s.

    When do you get to the cheerio? That’s why I feel like it’s useful to discard the idea of using aneros products to achieve orgasms and instead think of it as a spectrum of sensations ranging in powerfullness. If you think about it in this new light is easier to just enjoy the nice sensations than worrying that your not getting anywhere. That’s the real key to all this is just letting yourself enjoy what you’ve got going. Even if you just enjoy a feeling of having something in your ass. Or enjoy that you have two seconds to relax or enjoy taking slow deep breaths. You have to sort of let it come to you.

    A typical male orgasm is much more short and succinct in its rising and falling of pleasure. New paradigm. Imagine if you enjoyed a normal wank or sex not to get the orgasm at the end. Imagine you’re jacking off just to savor everything about it BEFORE the point of orgasm. It feels so nice to stroke that D and you really started enjoying rubbing other parts of your body like your nips to heighten the arousal. You can feel the blood pumping and your heart beating faster. Your just savoring how nice it feels right meow, not just trying to get to that orgasm at the end. Now imagine it’s not your dick it’s aneros play.

    Boom, the P wave.

    In the future men give fuck all about the old fashion orgasm. Drop the term

  2. Besides anerothons great post, I’ll add my own experiences to add some variety: I have found that involuntaries and pwaves are pretty directly connected for me. I get a pwave and that creates involuntaries. I dont normally start twitching and such before a pwave, but it can happen.

    As for pwaves, for me they give my arms and legs a tingle feeling. Like they are asleep. I can feel my body heat up (like my torso, not my arms or legs), and my prostate is just electric. Like, a constant of pleasure. Imagine if the peak of a traditional orgasm came slower, was just happening constantly and over many seconds as opposed to falling off quickly, and falls off slowly. Like, if it was physically possible, I could fit 10 or more traditional orgasms in the time span of a pwave. Except with a pwave, the pleasure is constant. And I am able to have another one in a minute or two (Slowly closing gap, though! More training! More practice!).

    Of course, even in between pwaves it feels like the best edging session Ive ever had, except constant pleasure without having to worry about tripping over the “too far” line and ruining the whole session. Thats pretty great too.

    This purchase has been one of the best purchases of my life. No exaggeration.

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