“Aless: An Unexpected Session”

This session came out of nowhere and hit me f*****g hard! Here’s how it happened…..

I had to visit the restroom this morning (#2) and felt a little quivering in my prostate when I finished. it is not early at all this AM and I got a good night’s sleep. I had some time and so I just laid down on my sofa. It is rather cool this morning and I just covered myself up with a blanket. Feels good! Anyway, my pulsating is continuing and is starting to get stronger. By the way, I should mention that for the last week or so, I have been ejaculating regularly every 2 days or so. My prostate is getting more “exercise” than when I was doing rather lengthy semen retention. Anyway, I am laying on the sofa and decided to perform some kegels. I start by doing light kegels and then reverse-kegels. These feel good but I am not satisfied. So I continue with stronger kegels and begin to “hold” them for a longer period of time. This feels good as well but it is doing nothing in relieving my feeling of an “alive” prostate. I began to visualize my prostate like a vital “walnut” deep within my body and the myriad of nerves feeding into it. I thought that I should feel for it through my perineum and that is exactly what I did. I felt an enlargement there and began to massage it and press on it. I could feel it immediately on my prostate. Did it feel good? Yes! Did it relieve my pulsating? NO! What could I do? I noticed that by doing this massage, I am beginning to get an erection as well.

Now this may sound strange but I started to do an automatic “fisting” technique right through my sleep boxers. I start with two fingers and gradually progress to three. I am getting fairly deep inside my anus and for the first time, I am feeling some relief. After doing this for a while, I suddenly felt a feeling like a bit of liquid was being pushed towards my penis. And, strangely, at that point, the pulsing stopped! Was this my body’s way of relieving some pressure in my prostate? Sure felt that way to me!

Well, this session is over for now! I am relieved that my prostate is not pulsing any morel But I am glad that it is alive and well within me!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/aless-an-unexpected-session-2/