Nothing on Doing Nothing and But Buzzin

On Friday night, I had a date with my Helix Syn and after reading several Forum posts about the ‘Do Nothing’ approach I decided this was the night to try it out. I lubed up, inserted and layed down to enjoy the session. Having tried this method before but without the patience, I never really gave it a chance. So, an hour and a half into my session, doing nothing but concentrate on twitches and pulses and sensations which never came, I gave up and spent my last 20 minutes doing a few Kegels and contractions but again not much to write about. I’m not giving up on the concept so I plan to try again on occasion. I know it works, I just need to give it more time.

On Saturday night, another date with my H-Syn but this time with mild contractions and Kegels (usual practice for me). This time, I experienced a lot of anus and anal sensations I never had before. My Helix was just dancing in there. I had read about it from my co-members on the forum but a very first for me. It was GREAT to say the least!

All this to say that my re-wiring is still progressing. I think about this every time I feel a new twitch, tingle, tug or whatever else trembles down there. I have a long way to go and enjoy every minute of it.

I look forward to my next date on Tuesday or so.