Taking creatine and protein after kegeling session. Ways for recovery

I was wondering about some ways of improving recovery and general health of pelvic muscles, since they’re played with regularly. I figured my gym supplements should work on kegels as on any other muscles and I can take them as if kegeling was a workout.

On the other hand, kegeling feels exactly like flexing muscles, not working them out.

Do you know of some ways to secure health of pelvic area that is regularly used?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/54prq3/taking_creatine_and_protein_after_kegeling/

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  1. You don’t need protein and creatine for regular workouts so they shouldn’t be needed here either. Sorry to burst your bubble but these supplements are only useful for extreme athletes and people with illnesses of the gastric system.

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