4 comments on “Vice for the first purchase

  1. It may seem counter intuitive, but with Aneros and prostate massage, smaller is usually better. Although everyone is different. Try the Vice if you’re sold on it. I started with a Helix, then the Eupho Trident. I also have a Maximus and Progasm Jr. but the Helix Trident, and Eupho Trident are used 5-8 times per 1 use of the larger models. Once you learn the process and sensations, chances are you may also realize that smaller is better! 🙂 YMMV

  2. I didn’t get a Vice for my first purchase, but I can say that of the 7 or so Aneros toys I’ve owned it was by far the worst model. It’s not agile at all, and the bullet vibe in it is too weak to be pleasurable.

  3. The vice was my first, and yes it was a poor choice. My though was, “pop it in, the vibrations will work like a vibrator on a clit, and I’ll be in heaven.” It did not work like that. I have a Helix, now and have had more success.

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