Poppers, nitric oxide supplements for prostate massage.

Something I use for my poppers sessions is a 5/16 inch diameter clear tube that fits nicely into the popper bottle opening and the other end into a nostril; this prevents burns to the skin from sniffing the bottle. It also prevents a lot of air from going into the bottle and thus a stronger hit. One must be careful not to dip into the liquid or you may get a much stronger hit than you bargained for!

I also love using poppers for my prostate massage/orgasm sessions with my stainless steel Njoy Pure Wand. I usually take a low-dose 5 mg Cialis before my prostate massage sessions along with some l arginine or l citrulline for extra NO boost. The prostate really loves nitric oxide and with the Cialis and NO boosters I can have continuous pleasure from the prostate stimulation and even reach a prostate orgasm state repeatedly. Actually you can use poppers with low-dose Cialis; don’t inhale too deeply and the hit lasts twice as long, easier on the lungs and your poppers go further. After an hour of waking up the prostate/ pleasure I break out the poppers and EACH HIT IS AN INSTANT PROSTATE ORGASM and I am not bullshitting. A prostate orgasm that blows away a regular penis orgasm and you can do it repeatedly. Keep in mind I am a retired guy (in excellent physical condition for my age) and I am having mind-blowing orgasms that make my teenage ones pale in comparison. Sometimes if I popperpig during a prostate massage session I can reach almost a continuous orgasm that is pure sexual nirvana. If after poppering a few times the prostate is not responding, just wait a half hour and try again for spectacular results. It’s best to be horny for a good prostate massage session. I use Black Maca (a food suplement, not a drug) and Ashwagandha extract for libido. Prostate toys are even becoming popular with straight guys for extra stimulation during sex.

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  1. I’ve read about poppers in a couple different posts now but I have no idea what they actually are, their legality, and where to get some to try.

  2. **Please please guys don’t mix poppers with Viagra/Cialis/Etc.** They can cause a deadly drop in blood pressure and kill you.

    OP has been lucky, and l won’t doubt his er, mastery over combining. But you, reader, haven’t. Don’t get into a medical emergency over prostate play. Be safe, be informed. Google poppers and viagra or something similar for more info.

  3. I’ve tried poppers once when getting a blowjob, it’s like I felt my heartbeat in the brain and I came really hard. Also feels like I lost control a little bit. Good experience but I probably won’t do it again.

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