A reminder to everyone

Regardless of where anyone is on their journey I’d like to offer a suggestion that often helps me.

Always remember: you have only one assignment during an Aneros session. Your job is to FEEL.

I know that sounds silly but try it. Focus purely on how things feel moment to moment, good or bad. Pretend you are an experience machine and that your job is to not miss a single moment of this.

Remember, to feel well you must be soft and not clenched. Feeling releases tension.

Thoughts? ๐Ÿ™‚

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4 comments on “A reminder to everyone

  1. Agreed. The first couple times I was too focused on my state of arousal and trying to fantasize to increase arousal because I thought once that happened the aneros would take care of the rest. Last couple times I have focused specifically on the feelings first and experimented with different positions, techniques, etc. and not so much about arousal. This worked much better and I found that focusing on the feelings lead me into higher state of arousal all on its own!

  2. I think the most difficult thing is committing to the abyss, when it feels good, itโ€™s sometimes hard to let your brain go and focus on the carnal feeling.

  3. So true. Focusing on the feeling in your prostate and emptying your mind of everything else really gets things going. It is also important to be in a horny mood and use some nitric oxide supplements for better results. I find that low-dose Cialis, l-arginine, and l-citrulline are a nice combo for increasing nitric oxide in the body. The prostate loves nitric oxide, and for libido I like Black Maca (a food supplement not a drug) and 300-900 mg daily of Ashwagandha extract. Near the end of a prostate massage session I take a few light wiffs of Poppers for absolutely mind-blowing prostate orgasms (and I am a retired guy). Crap, I’m having way more intense orgasms then when I was a teenager! On top of that the occasional prostate massage is good for us older guys.

  4. This is excellent advice.

    It might sound weird, but my aneros play seriously improved my meditation practice. I can now apply that same sense of awareness to the non-sexual stuff I do, like sitting meditation.

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