my first quiver

Yesterday i had a really good session with my helix trident. I started with a hot shower and cleaned myself with a enema. Normally i would insert the toy when im laying on my bed but the last couple of sessions i inserted it directly after the shower, so that i could “warm myself up” while im brushing my teeth. Then laid on my bed and started browings a couple nice subreddits on reddit and after 20 Minutes or so it started to feel really good down there. I flexed my pc muscles basically the whole session. Sometimes i flexed it for a couple of seconds and sometimes just for a brief moment. It started to feel even better and like 15 minutes later i was so overhelmed about the pleasure that i started to quiver and shaking my legs uncontrollably. It was my first time that this happend so it was new to me. I kept flexing my pc muscle and this happend againg for 3 times in the next 20 Minutes so i quivered 4 times the whole session. Than i stopped because i couldnt take it anymore and wanted to cum so badly. This was kinda a mistake but i didnt regret it because the “normal” orgasm felt so good that i didnt cared. Sadly i didnt had a P-Orgasm but it felt really good nonetheless.(sorry for some grammatical errors)


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  1. I would like to know which sub reddits you browse. To add to my personal list. PM is welcome for privacy.

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