Just a few questions..

Hello all, I just have a few questions I hope some of you can answer.

1. Is the aneros supposed to slide/glide in and out of the anus, or move up and down with the contractions? I personally feel like the aneros is stuck in place and that it is the muscles and prostate that is rubbing against the toy rather than the toy rubbing against the prostate, if that makes sense. Am I using to little lube? Or subconsciously clenching my muscles? I try to stay as relaxed as possible down there, but i tend to tense up, especially when then penis gets hard.

2. Is the prostate supposed to swell and stay swelled throughout the session? Or will it just swell while climaxing/getting close to orgasm? When things starts to feel good I can feel the prostate swelling (and my penis will also get rock hard) but I dont really now if this is an orgasm or I am just getting close. But honestly it feels more frustrating than pleasureable because it feels like im getting close to something but I dont know what, and i dont know how to push myself over the edge or if Im already there.

Thank you for reading my post and feel free to leave your thoughts.

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  1. In my experience it is not supposed to go in and out like you describe. You are trying to do too much if that’s what you’re aiming for. It is more subtle.

    Here has been my routine the past couple sessions and I have had great luck (although not a super-o I think):

    Hot shower and edging for about 20 minutes to get myself really aroused. Practice belly breathing during this and try and control your arousal level via different grip/stroking techniques.

    Put aneros in and lie down in a warm room and warm bed (heated mattress pad is a god send for me).

    Do NOTHING except for getting comfortable. I watch TV for 30 minutes to take my mind off trying to force something to happen. In this period experiment with different positions to see which way situated the aneros most comfortably. If you need to, reapply lube and/or pee.

    Lie back down and do some light Kegel exercises. Add in some anal sphincter contractions and try to get the Kegel to roll into the sphincter contraction.

    Try to find that point where the Kegel starts to roll into sphincter contraction and hold it. It should not take too much effort. I know I’ve hit the spot if I start getting involuntary Kegel contractions. At this point it feels like the aneros is sort of thumping on my prostate. Again it’s a VERY subtle feeling but if you pay attention it’ll be like a light bulb going off in your head.

    For me it begins to feel like a deep wave of pleasure in my gut with some warmth/tingling on my penis, and as long as I pace myself I can ride that wave and it can get more intense. If I go too hard too fast I will lose focus on my breathing and will be difficult to get back to that point. Try not to hold your breath. If you focus purely on the feelings you likely will not even need to fantasize about anything sexual. The whole thing kind of reminds me of when I first learned to masturbate and the feeling is kind of like that too – just pure raw pleasure that is completely new and never before experienced.

    Weed helps me a lot and I can usually get there within minutes if I’m high because I get super mega hyper aware of everything when I smoke so this helps me focus more on what I’m feeling. The downside to that is I can also get just as easily distracted and begin thinking/worrying about other dumb shit.

  2. There is movement but its ever so subtle. Some models move more than others. Ultimately its about either applying pressure to the prostate or stimulating your anal canal.

    The prostate fills with fluid. So it swells to a point regardless. Its sensitivity increases with increased arousal.

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