I did NOT Expect this when I started my journey!

I have been on the journey for almost a year now, and have been achieving incredible super-orgasms of amazing heights and depth, always evolving, sometimes in giant leaps, and sometimes in gradual crawls. I was no stranger to Aless sessions and mind-blowing Super Orgasms, but recently I discovered new levels of communion with an endless orgasm-energy.

I posted recently that I felt like I was in a lull of sorts, a place where I could not imagine or envision where to go, but at the same time, having an unmistakeable sense of there being much more to explore. I felt like I had dug far “linearly” but once there, I had not explored “broadly” if that makes any sense. I took to heart the advice of being mindful of what wolf I fed, (in my personal life) and not worrying too much about WHERE to go. After these recent incredible sessions, I fully understood that destination implies a hunt, a specific start and end, which is not what this is about (as I understand it) it’s much more of getting in SYNC with an ever-present pleasure-energy, and opening new and wider channels to enter “communion” with it.

Hypnotic audios helped me develop relaxation, breathing and an easier way to relax, leave my mind blank and let myself dissolve into relaxation and pleasure. I highly recommend to anyone struggling with “letting go” to listen to audios by kinkyshibby and other content creators. Recently I was listening to an Aneros specific audio by MsAlder without the Aneros. I wanted to really relax and listen to my prostate as subtly as possible. I entered a state of incredible relaxation and as I was there, I was aware of that pleasure buzz in my prostate, which I tried no to focus too hard on, I tried to focus on the pleasure waves washing my body over and over, in breathing and relaxing. I have also learned to focus and get into sync with my heart and almost feeling my blood moving through my body, the rhythmic pulse and flow of it inside me, and the slight pressure on my prostate.

This had an exponential effect on the pleasure, in my prostate, which changed from mere buzz to a deep hum, becoming a large, fuzzy, warm almost hot sphere of orange pleasure energy. My body had dissolved, there was only my mind in deep connection to this incredible beautiful source. I kept the discipline, breathing, and focusing now on that sphere, redirecting pleasure from this source to other areas of my incorporeal body. There was no longer any “prostate”, or a body, just my mind connecting to this pleasure-energy, and very vivid mental images of pulsing, geometric patterns moving, sliding, radiating outward. I have experienced this before, in every aneros session, but never an almost complete surrender and dissolution of the self like this time. I started to have very intense prostate orgasms, as if I had an Aneros, maybe even stronger, which seemed to loop and feed back into each other. I did not focus on the thought of “I’m cumming”, but rather ”I am an orgasm”. My breathing became pleasure fuel, my racing heartbeat became the rhythm of my orgasms, even the sheets contacting my skin were a source of stimulation and sexual energy, I thought “I breathe, my heart beats, I am an orgasm” It’s very hard to describe in words, and as I write this I feel that pleasure radiating from my prostate.

This next part was weird but I keep experiencing it now and it’s making more and more sense. After a while, I began to have extremely vivid images and thoughts of my pelvis area, my cock, with my testicles, my prostate all connected, and separate from the other areas of my body, all joined in a golden shining, heaving “totem”. Maybe a name for it would be “cock”? maybe ”manhood”? I had a distinct sense and joy of being a MAN, of being a cock, of being Manly, Virile, Strong. There was a primal sense of an old and ancient universal connection, my mind and this totem in constant connection, a two-way flow of energy that is constant but dizzyingly fast and vast, moving in an arc, the best visualization might be like those drawings of magnet field, with one “pole” in my mind and the other in my prostate. All this time I’m cumming over and over. This *trance* must have lasted about two hours. After that, I could not sleep, I kept having orgasms and orgasms of lesser intensity, but my mind kept going back to this feeling of being a man, this connection, and again this made me cum. Eventually it subsided after about another two hours.

Now I can achieve Aless sessions much more easily and even lounge wherever I am in a happy warm pleasure state without cumming. I feel much more awake, generous, strong and manly. My orgasms are better and more distinct (anal, prostate, T, pelvic, and others). That communion with the pleasure totem comes back every time now, that feeling of “I breathe, my heart beats, I am an orgasm” is also super intense, I’ve played focusing on my heart beat in every part of my body and how it feeds into my orgasms. My hands, my ears, my abdomen, my toes, even my gums all pulse and feed into the orgasm state. I haven’t used my Aneros yet since that session, I’ve limited myself to Aless and I am still getting this incredible level of pleasure and arousal.

I feel like I found an old map to a vast unexplored continent. I also now have learned that this journey is much more about oneself and learning to listen to and vibrate together with your own body energy, and THAT, is pure bliss. I certainly did NOT expect that when I first started with the Aneros, I’m a very science-y and logical person, and I was just looking for a new way to get off. Sorry about the long post, I just really wanted to share this with y’all.

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  1. wow man that’s quite a ride. so much undiscovered still to more to go. please give us more to read. Shibby has some good stuff. To be lost in a state like that can be almost transcending. I have not gotten nowhere near that, but had some real fun times!!

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