So I have been messing around with anal play for a little while. My ex got me into it and my current SO is luke warm to the idea so a lot of times I play with myself. I heard a lot about Aneros, especially the success stories so I invested a few dollars and said what the hell.

My first few experiences were okay, I had a plug that I played with while jerking off that felt great so initially I thought the Helix Syn was a dud. More recently I’ve been getting into hypnosis through Shibbysays and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.

I was following through her 14 night regiment and jumped a level and went to “Intensity 5.” I put my Aneros in and 24 minutes later I was have a full body, mind clearing almost 45-60 second HFO. I did some light touching over my shorts but I fucking arched my back and could not contain myself. Today I have been experiencing the most amazing feeling of perpetual horniness.

If you’ve been struggling to get to the next level I would recommend it. There is a lot of femdom stuff which is what I’m in to but there is some other straight forward stuff.

Wow though.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/b45817/whoa/


  1. I love listening to Shibby and have used it the same was with my aneros. She rocks. Was this free content or as a subscriber?

  2. Wow! Shippy does have some great recordings to get things going. Keep riding and enjoying!

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