“Changing Up The Session!”

I was ready for this morning’s session. Here’s how it happened….

I retired for the night only wearing my PJs. Yes, I know I am in Day 8 of SR but I really do feel like I could go farther. I awoke about 2 AM with a rather stiff erection. Rather than just grab and put-on a cup, I decided to “wait-it-out”. I just remained still in bed, probably for at least 30 minutes. After that, I rolled-over on my stomach and started to wonder: “Is this how a wet dream would occur?” I began to think about the possibility of having another erection while I was asleep and that may precipitate a wet dream? Intriguing possibility! But In the end, I decided to put-on my XO cup and just try to get back to sleep.

I awoke again, this time about 5 AM and just knew that I needed a session with the MGX Classic. I had not ridden it in a while and was anticipating the pleasure it could provide. So I lubed-up with SSG and got the stem in quite deeply; The MGX has the possibility of stimulating a HFWO and so, being in Day 8, I would not mind too much if I ended this session with an ejaculation. Since there is more ‘room’ in back of the Mueller cup (between the leg straps), I switched cups before the start of the session.

I began to experience some auto-f*** movement (very slight) but because of the ribbed stem design, my anal canal was being massaged as well. This was basically a ‘do-nothing’ approach but it felt amazing! I don’t think there was any precum generated but in this 30 minute session, I experienced a lot of deep breathing as well as some full-body shakes. My brain was getting just a little bit ‘foggy’ but I have experienced this before and I have no doubts that my prostate was being adequately massaged.

After the 30 minute session was completed, I removed the MGX (it always feels like it wants to stay-put!) and cleaned-up, ready for the day. Usually, following a session, I experience a sort-of ‘refractory period’ wherein I will not get an erection nor feel particularly aroused. For me, this is entirely normal now and since it is already morning, I am able to start my morning ‘routine’. Yes, I remain chaste and cum-free at Day 8, still hoping for a wet dream sometime during this ‘run’.

For me, sessions now always come ‘well-prepared’; there is no sudden ‘rush’ for prostate pleasure. I somehow ‘know’ when I am ready for a session. They don’t come like clockwork now, nor a set number of days in-between. They come rather unexpectedly and are entirely based on my sexual ‘mood’. Yes, the practice of semen retention (SR) does seem to impart a more sexual ‘feel’ since I know I will probably be ejaculating one way or another soon. Sometimes, the anticipation of an impending ejaculation is enough to stimulate my perineum and my prostate to the point where I can almost feel the internal contractions of the ejaculation starting to build in hope of the release of semen.


PS I had a lot of self-control this morning in bed. I didn’t even try to masturbate while not wearing a cup. Perhaps I am more dedicated to wanting a wet dream! I hope that I am in a ‘learning-curve’ leading up to a nocturnal emission!


Source: https://www.aneros.com/blogs/changing-up-the-session/