I don’t know where to turn, can someone please tell me what is going on with me?

I have never used the aneros, in fact, I only found out about this community while searching the web for explanations of what I’m dealing with.

I think I am dealing with what you call the butt buzz, and possibly awakened or rewired prostate. I did not seek this feeling out and I want it to go away.

This began after I was diagnosed with chronic prostatitis/CPPS. I had a cystoscopy done, which is where a camera scope is inserted into the urethra and bladder in order to look for structural abnormalities. This was the first and only time anything has been in my dick.

A week later I masturbated. I came extremely quickly, and the orgasm was actually too intense. There was no refractory period, I could keep doing it over and over. I was left with a buzzing sensation in and around my genitals, almost like I was gonna cum, the feeling radiated up and down my legs. I thought it was PGAD or RLS, and I was freaked out. I took gabapentin 2 days later and it went away.

The feeling re emerged months later when i went on an ssri. Had to discontinue it after 3 days because of it, and it subsided.

Looked into prostate massage, became curious about the prostate orgasm. Last week masturbated with my finger in my ass and had an explosive orgasm, which felt like the ones I had after my cystoscopy. It was too intense and i dont like it.

Since then when I take my adhd med (ritalin) i get the same buzzing sensation, around my butt, penis, etc. I dont like this and i want it to go away. I didnt ask for this.

Doing some googling, I found the aneros forum, where members describe exactly what ive been experiencing. It was nice to learn that I’m not crazy.

From doing research i discovered there are guys who are into sounding as a form of prostate stimulation. Im wondering if my cystoscopy somehow rewired my prostate, and my recent experinent in prostate orgasm via anal masturbation brought that sensation back?

Is this shit permanent? I never asked for this, its getting uncomfortable and making me feel really weird. I have enough problems with chronic masturbation and over-focus on sex as it is.

I hope I dont sound like im judging anyone here, I just didnt sign up for this and im confused, uncomfortable and worried. how do i go back- and do I have PGAD?

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  1. I can’t help you, just came to say good luck and maybe consider seeing a doctor about this. It might be beyond the scope of this sub, and they may be able to ask the right questions in order to determine what is going on.

    Good luck man

  2. Hey man, I’m sorry you’re experiencing this and it’s making you feel so negatively.

    If you’re SHOOTING for a p-gasm the recommendation is to RELAX and BREATHE… so maybe if when you start to feel a tingle you should exercise or something. Do some squats or go for a little jog.

    BUT, maybe you could reframe the whole experience from a negative one to a positive one? I mean, to me, it sounds like you just became a real-life superhero. Peter Parker didn’t ask to get bit by that spider, but with great power comes great responsibility.

    Trust me, I know how scary your body doing something differently than usual can be. I’ve had normal body cracks and gas set off full blown panic attacks as my fight or flight survival mode kicks in as I wonder if I’m dying. But while different, I’m guessing it’s still pretty pleasurable for you and you could probably begin to REALLY enjoy it if you accepted it and relaxed.

    I know you’re worried and scared, but really, this could possibly be one of the BEST things to ever happen to you. It’s really all in how you frame it. Did you know the physiological reaction to fear and excitement is exactly the same? It’s just how we label it in our mind decides our emotional reaction to it.

    My hope for you is that you can turn your confusion into acceptance, your uncomfortableness into relaxation and your worry into pleasure. But I understand just wanting everything to just go back to “normal”. Why not try to have an adventure though? Pretty sure noone has ever died from a buttgasm :p

  3. There’s a subreddit for r/prostatitis that I’m a part of. Funny enough I was just searching for some people with the same problem.

    I have the problem of premature ejaculation, too intense orgasms and they’re frequent when I don’t want them, they just happen, like if I’m walking. Or move a certain way. It is extremely draining… I have a problem with eating so I’m extremely skinny and malnourished, so all these intense frequent orgasms are just draining me.

    Sadly I can’t find anywhere else Online about anyone experiencing the exact same. The people on r/prostatitis mainly talk about the premature ejaculation. But not the frequent out of control orgasms. I wouldn’t stay too long on that subreddit though ’cause it’s depressing. Too many peopljr complaining, not enough people giving support.

    Have you tried pelvic floor physical therapy? Or stretching?

    Some things that have helped me over time but I havent fully healed is using heat on the area as much as I can, doing these stretches https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=J6tueuGlo1Q and at least once a day I use hot water on my groin for 15 seconds then switch to cold for 10 seconds. And repeat for as long as I can.

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