Need some advice on the “do nothing” method

So, hiya everyone. I’ve been chasing the aneros dream for a couple weeks now, and whilst I’ve definitely had some nice feelings, I’ve never truly had anything above a small p-wave.

After reading through here the “do nothing” method has been mentioned a lot and I figured I should try it. But even though I’ve read so much about it I just cant warp my head around it. Like, does do nothing mean not doing manual contractions at all? Literally just lying there and relaxing your anal muscles completely? During my sessions I’m manually contracting constantly and making the aneros “pound” into me, which I’m starting to realise maybe I shouldn’t do.

I’d love to hear your methods for achieving these dry and super-o’s, because am willing to try anything at this point!



  1. Honestly I don’t think there’s an exact method and maybe the ‘do nothing’ method is slightly misleading by name. I relax myself and chill out for 15-30 minutes at first, just focus on my breathing. Then I start to add in manual contractions until the involuntatries take over for me. So really it’s like a passive method. Do nothing at first, then do a lil bit of something and then see what happens

    When you say you make the aneros pound you which sounds aggressive. I’d definitely take a more gentle approach and try pay attention to all the subtle feelings. Gently pull the massager in with your muscles, hold for 4-8 seconds and then gently release. Try deep breathing while you do this, filling the very bottom of your stomach/lungs with air whilst you’re contracting. And breathe out slowly when you release the contraction

    It takes practice and lots of patience 🙂 It’ll all come together, you just have to let it happen by itself. You can’t force it so there’s no point trying in my opinion. I learnt that the hard way!

  2. The nothing method is quite self explanatory. It also requires NO self induced movements or contractions. All one has to do is be present and DO NOTHING.

  3. I recommend that you listen to the posters that the “do nothing” approach is rather the “do some things” approach. Prostate pleasure is by definition a super subtle affair, at least at the beginning, where you need to learn to be comfortable with a foreign object, really listen to new sensations, and learn how to amplify and relax into them. The basic components of getting results as a newbie (at least for me) were – in no particular order – : Proper Setting, Breathing, Rewiring and Mental Calibration.

    For setting, what works for me is to a) be turned on b) have had a bowel movement at least 30 mins before the aeros play c) have plenty of time. This will enable you to be in the right mindset with no stress or pressure. Just enjoy the erotic sensations and your arousal. I like to have a dark room and laying on my back with my knees bent, phone on mute or even on airplane mode. Try also other positions, on your side, on your knees, just experiment the different feelings. Allow yourself at the very least 1:30 hrs of stress-free time.

    Breathing is the foundation of all this, I recommend that you breathe in a very deep, conscious way, and that you make a point of getting into a breathing rhythm with proper depth. Check out some exercises online, enjoy the relaxation and practice just “floating” in a warm relaxed state. Combine them with contraction exercises of different strengths and rhythms, to get your PC and anus muscles strong and more in control.

    Rewiring is another crucial part, very related to the mental calibration component. Rewiring is a process by which you teach your body to enjoy sexual pleasure from the prostate and anus. You need to be relaxed and you need to take it slow, just experimenting and not letting much noise get in the way. Focus on the small tiny feelings and try to mentally hold on to them, savor them and amplify them. It’ll get easier over time. The golden rule here is DO NOT TOUCH YOUR PENIS (at least in this early stage). Teach yourself to feel pleasure from your prostate and ass. The movements need to be relatively small and subtle, don’t “fuck” yourself with your hand moving the toy, let your PC and anus muscles do all the movements.

    Finally, mental calibration. What I mean by this is that you will have to READJUST expectations. In the west, we usually progress and jack our way to orgasm. It doesn’t work that way at all with the prostate. You have to “relax into it”, you need to allow it to wash over you. Try to let go of a preconception of how a “super orgasm” is supposed to feel in your imagination, just enjoy the feelings, float and enjoy them. Take it slow, don’t get frustrated if you’re not in the stratosphere in your first session, let your mind focus on the breathing and contractions, let your imagination wander, focus on the pleasurable feelings. It’s helpful to also have very arousing images in your mind, or even saying things that turn you on out loud. One last thing: anal play can be taboo, and it’s very connected to social stigmas about male sexuality. Don’t get hung up on that, just let your most primal state lead you along the path. The goal is to maximize your relaxation, maximize your arousal and maximize your willingness to let go and enjoy the moment.

    I really recommend that you take a dive into the aneros forums, you’ll find a wealth of very helpful info for you. Some people like to smoke weed as well for extra relaxation, but I never found it to be necessary. Good luck on your journey!

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