Local store only carries 3 models, which one to choose for a beginner?

I’m planning to buy from a local store but according to their website ([https://www.goodvibes.com/s/](https://www.goodvibes.com/s/)) they only carry:

Eupho Syn

Eupho Trident

Maximus Trident

I originally wanted a Helix Syn and I’ll still see if they have one in store. If these three are my only options, which would you recommend? I’ve heard mixed things about the Eupho line being harder than the Helix for beginners (but the Helix might not be an option for me).

Thanks for the input!

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/aneros/comments/b6fhax/local_store_only_carries_3_models_which_one_to/


  1. Of those three I would recommend the Eupho trident.

    The Syn is made of silicon. I’ve tried many silicon toys and always find them to be too “draggy.” No matter how much lube I use, it’s never enough to promote free movement.

    The Maximus is a little bigger than the Eupho which is the only reason I recommend that over the Maximus.

  2. Eupho is a bit of an advanced model so I’d recommend the Helix. I’ve not tried any of the syn models though so can’t comment on how they feel

  3. Either of the tridents will do. I would stat away from the syn models until you get to have regular super o’s.

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