Feel like I’m getting so close to a super-o, but always tense up and lose it

Hiya again everyone! Basically as the title says, I’ve been getting super relaxed and just having my Aneros Helix Sym inside me until I get he involuntary contractions, and they do feel incredible. Just as they build I become overwhelmed and tense up, I just cant seem to stay relaxed when the pleasure and contractions build.. So any tips on that really would be incredible. Thanks!

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  1. Just keep practicing. I’ve noticed concentrating on the area when I’m horny with no toys in (a-less session) has helped a lot

  2. Only YOU can help YOURSELF relax. No one else can. Free yourself of tension. Be more passive and less active.

  3. When things start feeling good a lot of guys try extra hard thinking that they will get over the edge. When things feel good slow down and explore what you are feeling. Never worry that you will lose the pleasure or the contractions….they will build again.

  4. I’m in the same boat. But God is it fun trying. I start my sessions off with the Aneros Helix as well. But I move on to other toys from there. The second toy is often my California Exotics Booty Rocket. A half hour with this usually produces about 10-20 PO’s of increasing intensity. There were two I had last night that I thought were turning into super O’s but turned into three contraction O’s that were quite intense and enjoyable. I almost always finish with my beloved lol Utimi vibrating prostate massager. When I first start putting this in, I let the fat part sit right on my prostate. Even without the vibration, I’ll have a series of PO’s that are quite wonderful. Once I push it fully in, OMG the sensations and feelings that wash over my body. I got so close last night three different times. I felt like I was out of my body almost. And as you’ve figured out yourself, when I was able to really relax in that state of heightened excitement, it almost happened. At least three times my lower body was throbbing and jumping. So close.

    I started playing with toys anally about three years ago. It always felt good but I had no idea the sensations that lay ahead. Hopefully I’ll get to that super O but if I don’t, no biggie. I’m having a lot of fun trying. Below are links to the two toys I mentioned. Good luck on your journey



  5. My progress with prostate play surged when I started to do some similar work on my regular penile orgasms. I kept the two completely separate, so for a “session” it was either prostate or traditional masturbation. But for the traditional wanks, I started ensuring I kept my breathing deep and slow, relaxing my pelvic floor – basically doing the opposite of what my body would instinctively do to push for ejaculation. I also tried stimulating different parts of my penis – areas I’d never really tried before. Not only does all this result in some really explosive ejaculatory orgasms but I’ve found it really helps rewire how your body responds to sexual stimulus.

    One technique I’d recommend is placing your finger on the frenulum area with very gentle pressure, then doing a very gentle grinding circular motion while maintaining the same level of very light pressure. For me, this very quickly results in very intense pleasurable sensations. Doing this while keeping all of your muscles relaxed, maintaining your breathing and avoiding the temptation to increase pressure or momentum with the stroking can result in almost unbearable pleasure. I’ve been able to achieve non-ejaculatory orgasms using this technique. And the best part is that if I simply picture myself doing this during an Aneros session, things get interesting very quickly.

    For Aneros sessions, another thing to try – odd as it sounds – act and behave like you would if you were wanking and very close to the edge. Vocalise, writhe a bit, roll your eyes back, do big sighs of ecstasy when it feels good. If I act like i’m about to orgasm, my body seems to get the hint.

  6. Like others have said. It a learning process just keep at it. relaxing properly with intense feelings takes practice.

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